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Weight loss and health – Here

Obesity is the major dilemma surrounding us nowadays. The problem is noted largely in women than men may be because of hormonal changes that are greater in women.

Other reasons may include child birth or c section surgery done for child birth. Over all obesity’s main cause in individuals is due to lethargic lifestyle and poor eating habits, the great inclusion of junk food in daily diet has given birth to this monster known as obesity.

Teami : Detox tea 30 day the Nature’s miracle

To overcome this serious problem of weight gain and obesity nature has provided man with a miracle medicine known as weight loss tea, there are a number of teas available in our own natural environment, the most effective one in losing weight is the lemon grass tea. This tea is used for ages to reduce weight and overcome obesity.

How to use

Weight loss tea I.e. lemon grass, senna, Darjeeling black tea and other herbal green teas are either taken twice or thrice a day in between meals or are taken at night. Different weight loss teas play differently for detoxicating the body and boosting up the metabolism. This cleaning is done by clearing up of large and small intestines resulting in the form of large amount of bodily waste or shrinking down of the body by extra water retention.

Effective weight loss tea recipe

· Boiling a few leaves of lemon grass tea with a little piece of ginger and taking it thrice a day with a small piece of cinnamon can help greatly in weight loss.

· Taking senna tea before going to bed detoxicates the body over night resulting in increased amount of body waste and thus resulting in huge weight loss in a few weeks.

Healthy lifestyle

Inclusion of weight loss tea in the diet is effective but with that a healthy diet and exercise should be included in one’s lifestyle.


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